Monte Carlo Simulation

Fuzzy AHP


Game Theory

Business Strategy

Human Right in Supply Chain

Energy Economics


Q. Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics – Environmental and Ecological Economics

Q00 General
Q01 Sustainable Development
Q02 Commodity Markets

Q1 Agriculture
Q10 General
Q11 Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis – Prices
Q12 Micro Analysis of Farm Firms, Farm Households, and Farm Input Markets
Q13 Agricultural Markets and Marketing – Cooperatives – Agribusiness
Q14 Agricultural Finance
Q15 Land Ownership and Tenure – Land Reform – Land Use – Irrigation – Agriculture and
Q16 R&D – Agricultural Technology – Biofuels – Agricultural Extension Services
Q17 Agriculture in International Trade
Q18 Agricultural Policy – Food Policy – Animal Welfare Policy
Q19 Other

Q2 Renewable Resources and Conservation
Q20 General
Q21 Demand and Supply – Prices
Q22 Fishery – Aquaculture
Q23 Forestry
Q24 Land
Q25 Water
Q26 Recreational Aspects of Natural Resources
Q27 Issues in International Trade
Q28 Government Policy
Q29 Other

Q3 Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation
Q30 General
Q31 Demand and Supply – Prices
Q32 Exhaustible Resources and Economic Development
Q33 Resources Booms
Q34 Natural Resources and Domestic and International Conflicts
Q35 Hydrocarbon Resources
Q37 Issues in International Trade
Q38 Government Policy
Q39 Other

Q4 Energy
Q40 General
Q41 Demand and Supply – Prices
Q42 Alternative Eenergy Sources
Q43 Energy and The Macroeconomy
Q47 Energy Forecasting
Q48 Government Policy
Q49 Other

Q5 Environmental Economics
Q50 General
Q51 Valuation of Environmental Effects
Q52 Pollution Control Adoption and Costs – Distributional Effects – Employment Effects
Q53 Air Pollution – Water Pollution – Noise – Hazardous Waste – Solid Waste – Recycling
Q54 Climate – Natural Disasters and Their Management – Global Warming

Q55 Technological Innovation
Q56 Environment Development – Environment and Trade – Sustainability
Q57 Ecological Economics : Ecosystem Services – Biodiversity Conservation – Bioeconomics
Q58 Government Policy
Q59 Other